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Animation & Motion Graphics Reel!

January 03, 2020

I put together a new reel, featuring some of my best work in animation & motion graphics, as of January 2020. Click below to check it out!

Band Geeks Reanimated!

September 09, 2019

Since February, me and over 140 amateur animators from across the globe were each given a shot from the iconic Spongebob episode, Band Geeks, and we had to reanimate it in our own way. The full collab is now ready! If you’re a fan of classic Spongebob, I highly recommended it.

Grad Party Video!

August 26, 2019

I don't just do weddings, but family events and parties too! Here's a video of my brother-in-law's high school grad party that I recently put together. Congratulations, Carter!

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